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WCA (World wide Commerce Associates)

3651 Lindell Rd STE D

Las Vegas , NV 89103

phone 800-269-0281 TO OPT OUT

or (give your phone number)

My message to them:

I have already unsubscribed months ago.I filed a complaint with FTC. You continue to call. (switching VA phone numbers that I have blocked. One more call and I will be sending you a certified letter of intent to sue. Then I will carry that out.

Document phone calls after sending certified letter of cease and desist communication. . Keep FTC complaint number. Each call they make to you after these measures will cost them big bucks. keep your call log documented.

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Thanks for the opt out number!!


:upset They call me's annoying to say the least.


people these days dont have anything els to do , so they make a big deal out of it and blame it on phone calls, how pathetic, the only person getting hurt is you doing it to yourself


I have had to pay yet again to block a new number that this fricking WCA company is now calling me from again! This is ridiculous, can't something be done?

They enjoy this, this company is enraging people and someone is going to end up getting hurt because of them! :(

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