I have been getting automated calls DAILY from WCA home security. Probably upwards of fifty calls at this point.

Since they are automated, I cannot ask them to not call again. I called the number and was pressed one to get an operator. She congratulated me on my free alarm system.

When I told her I needed them to stop calling me, she hung up on me. I don't know what I should do, a restraining order?I guess the do not call list has no meaning, as I get calls all the time on my number that is supposed to be on the list.

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i have been getting these calls for months and my no is on the do not call regsistry as well - when i try to call them back an harrass them i just get a recording I think I will call the local police


Same ***, different day. Call #5 today from WCA Home Security.

The .gov DoNotCall List is a flippin' joke. Just another feeble attempt by an ineffective government program set up to "act" like they are concerned for US consumers.

We have been listed for over 5 years and still get unsolicited calls daily. What a pathetic, totally inert program.


I am getting automated calls from WCA Home Security, also. I called the Federal do not call registry and placed a complaint about 2 weeks ago, then started getting calls, today 8/2/2012. :( :x :?

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