World Commerce Associates

Phone #: 914.339.9534

They have been calling since Feb of 2010; over a year. They want to know if you have $10K in federal tax debt, press one to speak to an agent, three to be removed. Three don't work. I ask to be removed, agent hangs up. I call them back and they have a Walmart gift card give away. Good news, my phone number is entered in the raffle.

The phone number is a working number, but not listed in ReferenceUSA and neither is the company. I'm pretty sure they are located in Yonkers, NY.

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These callers are SCAMS. They call all the time. DO not give them any information and you CAN BLOCK them if you have that setting. Here are the numbers that I found to be SCAMMERS!!!! I am keeping a log and will be posting them each time they call!

305-587-2091-Credit Card Svcs

678-298-2073-Credit Card Svcs

478-273-2491-Credit Card Svcs

478-273-2491-Credit Card Svcs

774-696-3656-Credit Card Svcs

410-844-1212-Credit Card Svcs

201-267-5646-Credit Card Svcs

321-275-5550 - Disney SCAM

201-267-5646 - Credit Card Services

507-457-1085-Card Services 02/03/12

407-358-9999 Credit Card Services 02/03/12

305-587-2097 - Lower your interest 02/03/12

503-457-1085 Lower your Interest 02/06/12 5:28 PM ET

203-920-4922 - 02/08/12 12:10 PM

503-457-1085 - 02/09/12 -4:07 PM - Lower your Interest

302-394-9607 02/09/12 5:08 PM - Home Security WCA

207-512-5290 - Maine (Government Money for home owners) 02/14/12 - 10:57 AM

888-557-5029 02/14/12 - 5:26 PM (Male voice threatning voice)Toll free call on caller ID

Toll Free - 877-202-9821 5:56 pm on 02/20/12 - SCAMMERS NOT VA Afflilated!!!!

Private Caller - 678-803-6408 - 02/27/12 @ 10:54 AM

212-777-3436 - New York 02/28/12 - 4:21 pm ET

310-303-1733 - Credit Card Services 02/29/12 - 1:03 PM

678-803-6408 - Private Caller - 03/02/12 @ 2:09 p.m.

503-902-8477 -...

404-211-9997 - Home Improvement 03/19/12 at 1:13 pm

866-963-4904 - American Arbritation 03/20/12 - 12:09pm

866-963-4904 - American Arbritation 03/20/12 - 12:10pm

866-963-4904 - American Arbritation 03/20/12 - 12:16pm

866-963-4904 - American Arbritation 03/20/12 - 12:17 (Jessica stated she would continue to call whenever she felt like it)

678-803-6408 - Vitelity, LLC 03/21/12 - 11:41 am

803-326-1158 - 03/21/12 - 1:06 pm Rock Hills SC

202-417-7606 - 03/22/12 - 10:35am GE Electric

678-803-6408 - 03/23/12 1:49 PM

407-934-2582 - 04/19/12 Walt Disney Selected Winner

678-251-4601 - 06/14/12 SOS Vacation Winner

253-382-9083 - Says Local Police/FBI reports Security Scam - 06/22/12 - 12:50pm

866-380-7094 - 06/22/12 - 12:55 PM Doctor Depression clinic???? telemarketer

905-000-0000 - 07/11/12-Rachel Card Holder Services

770-213-1784 WCA - 08/10/12

813-444-5700 Rachel Card Holder Services 08/10/12

770-213-1784 - 08/14/12 WCA

770-213-1687 - 08/17/12 - WCA

971-220-1778 - 08/24/12 - Lower your interest

360-474-3213 - 08/28/12 Lower your interest

701-929-0040 - 08/31/12 - Home selected for ?? (I hung up)

770-213-1687 - 09/04/12 - SOS

503-457-1085 - 09/12/12 Lower your interest

330-439-0028 09/12/12 - recording for ????

229-518-4648 - out of area 09/12/12

09/17/12 - 360-474-3213

Card Member Services

678-207-3475 - WCA - 09/19/12

404-618-0812 - 09/25/12 Senior Citizen Phone call

253-382-9923 - 09/27/12 - Security Scam CAll

818-756-7488 - 10/01/12 Isa Research Calling for Great Expressions Dental - Survey Not a scam but... Great expressions clearly sold my information.

925-948-9469 - 10/01/12 - DANTZ

905-000-0000 - 10/02/12 - Name not Found

253-382-9083 - 10/04/12 Customer Support Cllr ID, but was a FBI reports/security scam

770-213-1687 - 10/10/12 WCA

407-476-5680 - 10/10/12 Card Services

786-358-5551 - 10/10/12 Rachel Card holder services

407-476-5665 - Card holder services 10/10/12

786-358-5551 - Card holder services 10/10/12

813-444-5700 - Card holder Services 10/11/12

877-202-5429 - Toll Free Call 10/23/12

503-468-5110 - 10/30/12 Did not say

770-213-1687 -WCA 10/31/12

770-213-1687 - WCA 11/01/12

877-585-5974 - Call center of somesort/could hear background voices 11/01/12

770-213-1687 - WCA 11/02/12

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Have been receiving calls from WCA, not for taxes, but mortgages.Many calls from different numbers, usually local, but always out of service on return call.

They are spoofing phone numbers, which is a crime....check out fcc.gov/complaints


Is there any way to get out from their list except #3 during call.

I have been getting their call 3 times a day from past 1 and half year. They call form all different numbers. I also spoke to one rep some time back i remember, but their English is so poor and the guys there are so confused on any questions as if they have someone behind to pass on the answers to our question.

If they find anything that is putting them in trouble they HANG UP..!!

I am on DNC registry and have entered #3 "n" number of times.. but it is not helping..


Same thing here but number out of NY state.U.S.

Military here and don't like it when I'm being harassed at work serving my country. I'm on the DNC registery and yet I keep getting calls. I told another company that they were being reported to the federal trade commision and BBB and they stopped.

P.s.people....there are laws which dictate fines for companies who refuse to follow these laws!


I received a call today, and reported them at donotcall.gov. My number has been on the DNC registry for 3 years now.


11-10-2011 Just got a call from 914-339-9568. Another place trying to sell you something. Too bad they cannot get a real job.


Just was called by number 914-339-9568 showed up as Safe Home WCA Yonkers NY offering home security with sign in the yard pressed 3 to remove number off there call list am all so on DNC list,,, question is "How did they get the number in the first place"?


WCA just called me under the name of World Commerce Associates (305) 587-2112 offering free home security if they can erect a sign in my front yard."Press 3 if you are not interested." When I spoke to a representative he refused to give me the business aderess.

I've asked to be removed from their call lists 5 times prior to this call.

They just keep calling.I informed him

I would be reporting him to Consumer Protection aagencies and he hung up on me.


I just received a call from WCA & the girl wouldn't answer any questions.She finally said that WCA stood for World Commerce Assoc.

& she wanted to know if it was ok for them to call me back. I said that my # was on the DNC list & that I documented the call & if they call again it will cost them $11,000.

She just hung up on me.I will absolutely report them if they call back again.


Just received a call from 786-358-6911, a robo call offering the free home security.When I pressed "1" for more info, a woman said she was with "WCA" and asked me for my name.

When I declined, she refused to give me her name or tell me anything about WCA, and when I pressed her for more information, she hung up on me.I am also on the Do Not Call Registry.

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