WCA - automated call offering rewards if I put a sign in my yard. I hoolked up to a person and requested to speak to a supervisor about "do not call list" and further requested not to hang up..

Guess what .... the dirty rottem *** hung up on me. Can you believe that?? Of course you can.

That pretty well sums it up.. the do not call list usually works and when it does not, the live person normally apologizes. These boiler room phone people must grow very tough skin.

WCA is a creepy outfit. I think they call people on more than one product.

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I constantly receive calls from WCA. I believe it was about health insurance.

I, too, am on the do not call register. I usually hang up, but waited to end of message, and it stated to press 3 to not be called again, which I did.

So far, not sure if I receive any more calls. Number showing on caller ID was 219-7260.


Same thing has been happening to me. I come home and there is a message waiting with the free security offer.

Then I was home when they called and I pressed 1 to be removed from the calling list. More calls followed.

Finally I got a call when I was home, so I waited to speak to a pesron. When I asked for the name of the company he hung up.

I am on the national do not call registry, and now that I know who has been calling I can file a complaint.


Robot call offering "free home security system if you will put a sign in your front yard", so I press "1". Male person greets with salesy manner, says doesn't know about content of robot call or about the sign offer.

Caller-ID says "SECURITY PRO WCA". I ask "Who is WCA?" and replies "World Commerce Associates". Wants to "qualify" me by having me provide name, phone, zip. I refuse, "you already have my phone number, you called me".

After repeated rounds, I ask for their company phone number. Repeated rounds where he attempts to say "Have a nice day!" but won't provide a phone number. He finally hangs up.

Costs $ to obtain name of caller/company, but traced call to phone company Peerless Network of New York LLC. They called my residence phone number despite registration with www.donotcall.gov


I am on the do not call list. WCA has called, I have requested to be removed from thier calling list to no avail.

When I filed a complaint on the national do not call registry I noticed that if many people file complaints about the same company they can investigate the company.

I would suggest that people receiving these calls who are on the National registry file complaints! Help put these parasitic phone marketers out of buisness.

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